Criminalizing and Prosecuting Illicit Enrichment in Corruption Cases

Corruption is becoming a major threat to the world. All countries of the globe are running the risks associated with it. Corrupt practices such as bribery and other abuses of public functions for private gain have been criminalised in almost all legal systems. The criminalisation of acts of corruption constitutes one of the major dimensions of the international anti-corruption instruments.

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Corruption for growth and development

Yes it is conventional wisdom of corruption that the latter may be reduced with the expansion of rule based and more market oriented institutions. It is also widely accepted that the role of corruption, in part, has been contributive to economic growth in East Asia. Are these compatible? By way of explaining the role of corruption for distinctive economic accomplishment for a short period in East Asia; I will develop the essay showing that it is due to other factors/reasons and not because the East Asian states lacked the aforementioned institutions and rules to tackle corruption that it was widespread but, fortunately and unexpectedly (unintentionally – D. Kang, said it!), was to their economic growth.

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Extradition regime under The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)

Globalization is easing border restrictions and increasing travel opportunities. Perpetrators use globalization to avoid prosecution and justice. This problem can be solved by creating international cooperation between countries' criminal justice systems. Among others, Extradition has been used in handling transnational criminal matters. Extradition denotes the process of request made by a state to transfer a fugitive from another for purpose of prosecution.

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አዲሱ የፀረ ሙስና ሕግ በግል ኩባንያወች ላይ ተፈፃሚነቱና የሕግ አንድምታው

“Nothing will unlock Africa’s economic potential more than ending the ‘Cancer of Corruption”

Barack H. Obama, US President key note to African Union July 28 2015


ሙስና የአለማችን ብሎም የሀገራችን ስጋት እና የመነጋገሪያ አጀንዳ ከሆነ ሰነባብቷል፡፡ ሀገራትም የሙስና ትግሉን ከግብ ለማድረስ የፖሊሲና የሕግ ማዕቀፍ በማዘጋጀት እንቅስቃሴውን ከጀመሩ ሰነባብተዋል፡፡

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ማቀባበል (Facilitating Act of Bribery)

(ለጉቦኞች አይላላኩ፤ ከተላኩ ዘብጥያ ይላካሉ!)

ይህ አጭር ጽሑፍ በማወቅም ባለማወቅም የወንጀል አድራጊዎች ተልእኮ የሚያስፈጽሙ ሰዎች እንዲጠነቀቁ ለማስቻል በግርድፉ የቀረበ ነው፤ ጥልቀት ያለው ትንተና እንዳይጠብቁ። ጽሑፉ ሰዎች የቆሸሸ ገንዘብ የሚያቀባብሉበት እጃቸው፣ እንዲሁም የጉቦኞች የገንዘብ መላላኪያ የሚያደርጉት የባንክ ሂሳብ ቁጥራቸው አደገኛ መዘዝ ይዞባቸው እንዳይመጣ ሊጠነቀቁ ይገባል የሚል መልእክት ለማስተላለፍ፣ ምናልባትም ለማስጠንቀቅ የቀረበ የሕጉ አጭር መግለጫ ነው። ለሕግ ሙያተኞች ፈጽሞ ጥቅም የለውም ማለት ባይቻልም ዓይነተኛ ጥቅሙ ግን ከሙያው ዓለም ውጪ ላለው ለተራው ማኅበረሰብ ነው። ጽሑፉ ስለማቀባበል የሙስና ወንጀል ውስን የግንዛቤ ማስጨበጫ ነጥቦችን በመያዝ ተዘጋጅቷል። ሕግን አለማወቅ ከተጠያቂነት አያድንምና ይነበብ።

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The Hidden Side of Corruption

A Review of Williams and Beare in their article ‘The Business of Bribery: Globalisation, Economic Liberalisation, and the ‘Problem’ of Corruption’, present both sides of the story.

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Mutual Legal Assistance as an Anti-Corruption Mechanism

Unlike crimes like murder, theft and rape that are committed in one jurisdiction, corruption can take multiple jurisdictions. Hence, the fight against corruption is complex as it is supported by advanced technologies and confronted by jurisdiction barriers.

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