Law as a means of Serving Justice

Anciently morality and religion were primary basis to govern the relationship between peoples. And there was no need to search for a law maker to enact laws that govern social relations. It was based on natural law that human relations were regulated. But, after a long and serious debate between legal scholars and philosophers it is determined that there must be a human made law to regulate human relations. 


Based on this conception, law made by human beings has played an important role in the definition and protection of certain relationships, systems and institutions and in the control of individual and collective human behavior. Through the use of normative, directive and prescriptive rules, supported by varying degrees of sanctions, law has been used to create a climate of social order, the usual justification of which has been that it benefits members of society. But, the issue whether human made laws are exact machinery to serve justice and fairness to all the society is always questionable.


Rights and duties are usually acknowledged through laws made by human beings. But, should a right be acknowledged and clearly indicated by law to be considered as a human right or is it enough to simply be a human being to enjoy human rights is debatable by itself.   

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የዘገየ ፍርድ

                እኔ አንቺን ስጠብቅ

ጠበኩሽ እኔማ…….

እዚያው ሰፈር ቆሜ

በአክሱም ቁመና በላሊበላ ዕድሜ

እግሮቼን ተክዬ ቀኔን አስረዝሜ

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