ስለዊዝሆልድንግ ታክስ



በታክስ ሥርዓት ላይ ጥናታቸውን የሰሩ ባለሙያወች  “the tax system must be dynamic with in the dynamic world ” - ተለዋዋጭ በሆነው ዓለም ውስጥ የታክስ ሥርዓቱ ተለዋዋጭ ካልሆነና ዓለም በፈጠረው ቴክኖሎጅ የሚደረገውን የታክስ ስወራ ተግባር መከላከል፣ መቆጣጠር እንድሁም ድርጊቱ ተፈፅሞ ከተገኘ ሊቀጣ የሚችል ሥርዓት ካልዘረጋ የአንድ ሀገር ህልውና አደጋ ላይ ይወድቃል ይላሉ፡፡ እኔም ይህንን ሀሳብ ከሚጋሩ ባለሙያዎች አንዱ ነኝ፡፡ በመሆኑም አንድት ጠንካራ ሉዓላዊት ሀገር ለመገንባት ዘመናዊ ዓለምን ያማከለ ዘመናዊ የታክስ ሥርዓት መዘርጋት ስፈልጋል፡፡ ይህ ተግባር ደግሞ ገቢን በግልፅነትና ተጠያቂነት፣ በፍትሃዊነትና እኩልነት እንድሁም በዘላቂነት መሰብሰብና ማሳደግ የሚችል ሕግ ከማውጣት ይጀምራል፡፡ ሕግ ማውጣት ብቻ ሳይሆን የወጣውን ሕግ ማስፈፀም የሚችል ተቋም እና ሠራተኛ መገንባት ያስፈልጋል፡፡ ተቋሙ እና እያንዳንዱ ሠራተኛ ደግሞ በየደረጃው የወጡ ሕጎችን ለግብር ከፋዩ ማህበረሰብ የማሳወቅ ሞራላዊ ግደታ አለበት፡፡ ሆኖም ከቅርብ ጊዜ ወድህ በግብር ይግባኝ ኮሚሽን እና በፍ/ቤቶች ቅሬታ እያስነሳያለው የግብር ዓይነት ተቀንሶ የሚያዝ ታክስ/ዊዝሆልድንግ ታክስ ሲሆን ለዚህ ጽሑፍ ዓላማ ከእነዚህ ታክሶች አንዱ የሆነውን እና በንግድ ማህበረሰቡ ዘንድ ከፍተኛ ተቃውሞና በተግባር የአፈፃፀም ችግር የሚታይበትን በገቢ ግብር አዋጅ ቁጥር 979/08 አንቀፅ 92 ላይ የተቀመጠውን በሀገር ውስጥ ከሚፈፀሙ ክፍያወች ላይ ተቀንሶ የሚያዝ ግብርን በዝርዝር ለመዳሰስ እምክራለሁ፡፡ ወደ ጉዳዩ ከመግባቴ በፊት ግን ዊዝሆልድንግ ታክስ ምን ማለት እንደሆነ ትርጉም ሰጥቼ ማለፍ እፈልጋለሁ፡፡

  1. ተቀንሶ የሚያዝ ታክስ( withholding tax)

1.1 በሀገር ውስጥ ከሚፈፀሙ ክፍያወች ላይ ተቀንሶ የሚያዝ ታክስ /withholding of tax from domestic payments/

               ሀ. ትርጉም /definition/

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ወደኋላ ሄዶ ተግባራዊ የሚያደርጉ የታክስና ጉምሩክ ሕግ ድንጋጌዎች ሕገ መንግሥታዊነት



   . ወደኋላ ሄዶ ተግባራዊ የሚያደርጉ የታክስና ጉምሩክ ሕግ ድንጋጌዎች ሕገ መንግሥታዊነት 

የታክስና የጉምሩክ ሕጎች ስንል ምን ማለታችን ነው? ከሕገ መንግሥቱ ጋር ያላቸው ዝምድናስ ምን ይመስላል ?

በታክስ አስተዳደር አዋጅ ቁጥር 983/08 አንቀጽ 2(36) መሠረት የታክስ ሕግ ማለት የጉምሩክ ሕግን ሳይጨምር የታክስ አስተዳደር አዋጅ፣ የፌደራል የገቢ ግብር አዋጅ፣ የተጨማሪ እሴት ታክስ አዋጅ፣ የኤክሳይስ ታክስ አዋጅ፣ የቴምብርና የተርን ኦቨር ታክስ አዋጅ፣ ታክስ/ቀረጥ/ክፍያ ለመጣል የሚወጣ ሕግ እንድሁም እነዚህን አዋጆች መሠረት በማድረግ የሚወጡ ደንብና መመሪያዎችን ያካትታል፡፡ የጉምሩክ ሕግ ማለት ደግሞ በጉምሩክ አዋጅ ቁጥር 859/06 አንቀጽ 2(39) መሠረት የጉምሩክ አዋጁን፣ አዋጁን ተከትለው የሚወጡ የጉምሩክ ደንብና መመሪያዎችን እንድሁም የኢትዮጵያ ገቢዎችና ጉምሩክ ባለስልጣን /የአሁኑ ገቢዎች ሚኒሰቴር/ የሚያስፈፀማቸውን ሌሎች ሕጎች ያካትታል፡፡

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The New Excise Tax Proclamation No. 1186/2012: A Compliance Overview


The House of Peoples Representatives has approved the infamous Excise Tax Proclamation (The Proclamation) last Thursday, February 13, 2020. Within hours from the approval of the proclamation, Ministry of Revenues have written a letter to manufacturers of excisable goods stating that the proclamation will be implemented starting from February 14, 2020, which in effect violates both the FDRE Constitution and Negarit Gazeta Establishment Proclamation. The proclamation has not yet been published in the Negarit Gazeta and there are notorious discrepancies between the Amharic and English versions. In addition, with no transition time given to the manufacturers, they are forced to prepare manual invoices, which separately shows the amount of excise tax payable in the transaction as the new law requires the amount of excise tax should be separately shown in the invoice.

Setting aside all these problems occurring due to the panic moves of the government, the Proclamation has introduced fundamental changes to the existing excise tax framework and the market has already felt the punch of these changes within few days of its implementation. In this brief overview, some of the major changes introduced to the Excise Tax Regime will be assessed.


1. Imposition of Excise Tax on Excisable Goods

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Burden of Proof in Tax Disputes: Ethiopia  



Burden of proof in tax disputes could rest either on the tax payer or on the tax authority or sometimes both could bear the burden of proof. For instance under the United States and Canadian tax laws the primary burden of producing an adequate evidence to rebut the assessment or decision of the tax authority rests on the tax payer. On the other hand countries like Sweden, Netherlands and Spain in their tax laws share the burden of proof in tax disputes between the tax payer and the tax authority. Hence in these counties the burden of proof in tax disputes is shared between the litigating parties.  As such the tax inspector must deduce evidence for a profit adjustment and on the other the tax payer must substantiate an exemption or deduction alleged. To the contrary tax laws in Denmark, France and Finland locate the burden of proving the accuracy of the tax decisions made according to estimation on the tax authority.  Similarly in Hungary the tax authority is obliged to prove the bad faith of the tax payer when prohibiting the deduction on VAT. This shows that there are possibilities where by tax authorities could bear the burden of proof in tax disputes.


In Ethiopian context when tax disputes arise the first venue to visit by the tax payer is the tax review committee structured with in the tax authority. Its role is just to give recommendation to the tax authority. The next body available for aggrieved tax payers is the federal tax appeal commission, found outside of the tax authority and enjoys a relative autonomy and independence. Then the federal high court comes to picture at this point as a next step available for aggrieved tax payers.  Up to this point the ordinary court of the country does not involve itself in tax disputes. 

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ሐሰተኛ ደረሰኝ - ገቢዎች ሚኒስቴር እራሱ በድሎ እራሱ አለቀሰ !





“In the Judgment alone is to be found the law in its living form”

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A Brief Note on Ethiopia’s Tax Privileges to ease the Impact of Covid-19



The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has brought overall economic, political and social crisis in most parts of the world including Ethiopia. Although there are criticisms on their effectiveness, the government of Ethiopia has been taking measures to ease the economic impact of COVID-19 on the business entities operating in the country. Earlier on the month of April, a protocol was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs cited as the COVID-19 Workplace Response Protocol, which regulates the relationship between employees and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. This protocol was a subject of criticisms due to its silence on the obligation and role of the government in sharing the burdens of employers.  

Apart from the protocol, the Council of Ministers has passed a decision earlier this month to cancel tax arrears of the previous tax years to ease the impact of the pandemic on taxpayers. Based on this decision, Ministry of Finance has issued a directive on May 04, 2020 to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers. The directive issued by the Ministry of Finance can be cited as a Tax relief directive No. 64/2012 to ease the economic damage of COVID-19 Pandemic on taxpayers (the Directive). The Directive has brought some significant relief schemes to taxpayers struggling to pay taxes for previous tax years.

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Part of the Ethiopian government’s actions to reduce Covid-19’s effect on the economy is the recently issued directive to remit tax liabilities of taxpayers number 64/2020 (the “Directive”). This directive was issued by the Ministry of Finance pursuant to the mandate bestowed to it by the Federal Tax Administration Proclamation Number 983/2016. The purpose of the directive is to reduce the damage caused by Covid-19 on taxpayers. And, the tax liabilities subject to remission are tax liabilities of before and during 2018.


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የተሻረው እና አዲሱ የኤክሳይዝ ታክስ አዋጅ ድንጋጌዎች ንጽጽር በተለይም በጨው ምርት ላይ




በሀገራችን የኤክሳይዝ ታክስን በተመለከተ በሥራ ላይ የነበረው አዋጅ ቁጥር 307/2002 (እንደተሻሻለ) ተሽሮ በአዲስ የኤክሳይዝ አዋጅ ቁጥር 1186/2020 የተተካ ስለመሆኑ ይታወቃል፡፡ በመሆኑም ይህ ጽሁፍ ሁለቱ አዋጆች የኤክሳይዝ ታክስ የተጣለባቸው ዕቃዎችን፤ ታክሱን የመክፈል ግዴታን እና ታክሱ ስለሚሰላበት ስሌትን በተመለከተ ያስቀመጡትን ድንጋጌዎች ከጨው ምርት ጋር በተያያዘ በወፍ በረር ለማነጻጽር ነው፡፡


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በመመሪያ ቁጥር 67/2013 በጨው ላይ የሰፈረውን ድንጋጌ ከኤክሳይዝ ታክስ አዋጅ ቁጥር 1186/2011 አንጻር የተደረገ አጭር ዳሰሳ



አዲሱ የኤክሳይዝ ታክስ አዋጅ ቁጥር 1186/2012 እየተሰራበት መሆኑ ይታወቃል፡፡ ይህንን አዋጅ ለማስፈጸም የኢፌዴሪ የገንዘብ ሚኒስቴር ስለኤክሳይዝ ታክስ አዋጅ አፈፃፀም መመሪያ ቁጥር 67/2013 ጸድቆ ከጥቅምት 6 ቀን 2013 ዓ.ም ጀምሮ በሥራ ላይ ይገኛል፡፡ በመሆኑም የዚህ ጽሁፍ ዓላማ በመመሪያው አንቀጽ 38 ላይ በጨው ላይ የሚከፈል የኤክሳይዝ ታክስን በተመለከተ የሰፈረውን ድንጋጌ ከአዋጁ አጠቃላይ ይዘትና መንፈስ አንጻር በጥቂቱ ለመዳሰስ ነው፡፡


1. በጨው ምርትና ግብይት ላይ ወሳኝ ባለድርሻ አካላት

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የቤት ኪራይ ግብር



-   በዓመት ከ1800 ብር በላይ ቤት የሚያከራይ አከራዮች ሁሉ የኪራይ ግብር ገቢ የመክፈል ግዴታ አለባቸው።

-   ግብር የማይከፍል ወይም አሳንሶ ገቢውን የማያሳውቅ አከራይን ለገቢዎች በማስረጃ የጠቆመ ተከራይም ሆነ ሌላ ሰው የማበረታቻ ሽልማት        አለው።

-   ከአከራዮች የሚፈለገው የኪራይ ግብር አሰላልና መጠኑ ምን ይመስላል?

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