Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce: The Case in Ethiopia




The century we are living in is the age of information and communication technology. Increased use of these electronic communications improve the efficiency of commercial activities, enhances trade connections and allows new access opportunities for previously remote parties and markets, thus playing a fundamental role in promoting trade and economic development, both domestically and internationally.

Commerce is the exchange of goods and services. It can be either conventional or electronic. The conventional commerce is the exchange of goods and services with the physical meeting of people. Unlike the conventional commerce, electronic commerce is a real-time transaction in the virtual space.

E-commerce could have both cross-border and within a jurisdiction facets. A cross-border e-commerce is one that involves international online trade with sale or purchase of products via online shops across national borders. The focus of this term paper is, however, limited to e-commerce within a single political entity; i.e. the Ethiopian context.

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