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20 August 2014 Written by  EthiopianReporter

Federal court calls for housing, allowance for judges

The Federal Courts and Judiciary Administration Council accentuated the need for housing and transportation facilities to federal judges in a bid to curb the challenges they face.

Presenting the Council's ten-month performance report to the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) on Thursday, Federal Supreme Court President Tegene Getaneh told MPs that the ongoing shortages of federal courtrooms, failure to provide housing and transportation services to federal judges and the existing high turnover of professionals have been creating obstacles in undertaking the overall activities of federal courts.

“The shortage of courtrooms and narrowing of offices among the federal supreme and high courts is worsening,” Tegene said.

The efforts that have been undertaken since 2012 upon the government’s decision to build residential buildings are experiencing huge delays.

In the same report, the president further indicated that various professionals and capacity-building trainings have been offered to judges, support staff and others in the reported period. The number of lawsuits that get final decisions had been showing a tremendous increase compared to that of the last few years, he added.

As to the use of the latest technologies in courtrooms, he said that the proceedings of 1,598 lawsuits that were conducted were done through video conferences and 180 people have been able to file charges using the newly-introduced e-filing system.

“Moreover, 52 juvenile courts have been equipped with CCTV cameras and sound recording machines across the nation,” he added.

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