Ayalew Mengstie Bitew Featured

Ayalew Mengstie Bitew legal consultant & attorney at law is licensed lawyer to practice at all level of Federal (First Instance Court, High Court, Supreme Court, and Cassation) and SNNPRS Courts. I am committed to provide various legal services including legal representation (litigation) to Corporate & Private Clients in Hawassa & Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
My LLB accompany with 13 years court affiliated experiences:

Inevitably helps me to support and guard my clients from needless court cases by providing the following wide spectrum of legal services.
Some of my core legal practice areas include Corporate and Business Organization, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Tax, Merger and Acquisitions, Labor and Employment, Insurance, Infrastructure and Commodities, Mining and Energy, Competition, Tort /Extra Contractual, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Property Rights and Real Estate Matters, Inheritance and Family Law, Criminal Defense, Non-profit and Association (CSO / NGO) and Legal Due Diligence.
My office is located in front of The Hawassa City High Court.
Hawassa, Hawassa, SNNP