Lease Right

  •  Scope and Definition

    “Lease” under the FDRE lease proclamation 272/2003 has been define as “lease-hold system in which use right of urban land is transferred or held contractually (Art. 2(1). The 1960 Ethiopian civil code under article 2896 on its part defines lease as follows:

  •  Rural Land Lease


    Rural land lease can also be termed as agricultural land lease as known elsewhere. However, in Ethiopia, there is another form of lease of rural land for investment purpose. The purpose of this part of the discussion is to discuss briefly the types of rural land leases recognized by Federal and Regional rural land proclamations. For the purpose of clarity we shall use the Rural land Proclamations of the Federal (Proc. No. 456/2006), Oromia (Proc. No.130/2007), Amhara (Proc. No. 133/2006) and Tigray regions (Proc. No. 136/2007).